Crossroads Capabilities

Private Label

Our private label program will help you meet your labeling guidelines. From start to finish, Crossroads takes pride in ensuring that all of our customers’ products suit their needs.

Whether you are trying to bring a new product to market or update an existing favorite, we can work within your parameters to achieve your goals. All of our seasonings, rubs, and spices are tested by an outside laboratory before being sent out the door, so you can rest assured that your products are being well taken care of and that they will meet the industry’s safety guidelines. At Crossroads Blends, we can also package your products in a variety of pack sizes, with bags and boxes available as receptacles.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing with Crossroads not only secures the cost of your products, it also gives you the opportunity to customize every single aspect of your blends. From texture to testing, our A-to-Z process allows you to have full control of your formulation.

Perfect Product Matching

Already have a blend? We can perfectly match it and make any changes you need. Do you have a new twist on an old favorite? Our Perfect Product Matching comes with the ability to customize our blends to something that is truly yours!

Streamlined Process

Leave it to us to do what we do best, so that you have time to focus on what you do best.